Ecology on a Bigger Scale

In modern England, cafés are places where men and women meet to discuss, read, write and sometimes work. They are the equivalent of an ancient Agora where people gathered to spread news and ideas.

We are having our first meeting at the British Library coffee shop, aiming to introduce a new way of sharing fundamental ideas and questions that have meaning for us.

21st century women and men wake up in the morning, go to work, produce and spend, get informed from the mainstream media and so it goes on. And at the same time, the Earth and the Moon keep on turning, people are born and die and the vast universe continues to exist and develop. Ancient people built monuments corresponding to the movements of the Sun and the Moon. Modern scientists believe that the Earth’s moon has been essential for life on Earth. If you sometimes sit in the early hours of the morning and look at the Moon and the stars, does it inspire you to have a sense of your existence in a different way? What does it all mean? What does my life mean?

Come at noon on Saturday the 23rd of April to exchange with us in a meaningful way on the theme of ‘Food for the Moon’ and meet like-minded people.

Café Gurdjieff Meetup

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